Hi everyone, my name is Zach Angelo and this is my website, GetYourReviews.com.  That is my wife, Sarah, and I on the left.  As you could probably guess, GetYourReviews.com provides in-depth reviews of online digital products.  I’ve always loved the Internet and do a lot of Internet shopping.  I always look for good reviews and testimonials on products before I buy.  This site provides those reviews for people like me who are considering purchasing a product online.

When I am writing reviews (I’ll occasionally have a second person review the product as well) there are a couple rules I stick to.  Here they are:

  • No shoddy, scammy or deceitful products are promoted on GetYourReviews.com.  I know there are a lot of bad products out there, and I hate deceitful marketing as much as you do.  GetYourReviews.com will only provide reviews on products that provide what they advertise.
  • I personally purchase and analyze each product I review.  It doesn’t take long to realize there are a lot of “fake” review sites out there where the author is simply promoting a product, and hasn’t even purchased or used the product.  I do not post a review on a product until I have personally purchased and tested a product.
  • I provide full reviews, meaning, you will get the bad, as well as the good side, of a product.

Those are the three main rules I stick to, and I hope they instill some confidence in you about the quality of my site and the service is provides.  I enjoy running this site and providing reviews, my goal is that you enjoy and value GetYourReviews.com as well!

Take care,


p.s. if you wanna know what are the most popular products, I’ll tell you.  Magic of making up, dubturbo, somanabolic muscle maximizer and turbulence training are the reviews that get a lot of traffic on my site.  Check them out, you may find them helpful if you’re looking for that sort of thing!