My Athlean-X Review

After Purchasing Athlean-X, Here Are My Thoughts On It


Athlean X workout programAthlean-X is a popular muscle-building workout program that is sold online.  It claims to give you a pro athlete’s body in 90 days, and has created a lot of buzz in the fitness and strength training world.

As there is a HUGE number of workout programs available for purchase, online and offline, it is always a wise decision to compare programs to find the best one for you. Some are great, while some really are a waste of money.

This page gives my personal insight into Athlean-X, and compares it to other popular workout programs. A few weeks ago I purchased Athlean-X, so I can give you an insider’s view of it. It will help you decide if Athlean-X is a good choice for you.


My Personal Take on Athlean-X:

Athlean-X made it into my personal top 5 muscle building programs, barely.  It’s an ok course, with effective exercises and good meal plans.  The exercises and workouts are constantly being switched up, which is good, and the advice given in it about losing fat/gaining muscle is sound.

That being said, I do not think it is the best program for those looking to add serious muscle mass to their bodies.  The exercises will get you into shape, but it is not what I recommend for getting seriously ripped.  That takes more intense weight resistance training, which I’ve found is delivered better through a select few programs, detailed below.

My Top Recommended Programs for Getting RIPPED as Fast as Possible

#1 Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer by Kyle Leon is my top recommendation because of the unique approach it takes towards your diet for muscle building.  The gains that people are experiencing through is program is absolutely insane!

Focus: Whole Body muscle growth
Male/Female: Male only
Price: $77
Trial offer: No

#2 Six Pack Shortcuts

If you are dying for six pack abs, then do not even consider another program,  Six Pack Shortcuts by Mike Chang is the ABSOLUTE BEST program for a washboard stomach.  The focus on afterburn training in this program is what makes it so effective.  If you spend any time cruizing youtube, you’ve probably come across some of Mike’s training videos.  The guy is jacked out of his mind, and is everywhere on youtube.  You could get ripped from just following his free youtube channel, but his actual program is killer

Focus: Muscle-Building, especially for six pack abs
Male/Female: Male & female versions available
Price: $97
Trial offer: No

#3 No Nonsense Muscle Building

No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince del Monte has been around for almost a decade is the cure to “hard-gainer syndrome”.  It’s an intense program, but if you have trouble gaining muscle no matter how hard you’ve worked out, then buy this program and follow it to the T, works amazingly well.  The female counterpart to this program is Flavilicious Fitness, by Vince’s smoking-hot wife, Flavia. It focuses more on toning and sculpting, not bulking up.

Also, Vince has a cool, very helpful website with lots of different programs on it, plus his hit live workout series – Live Large TV –

Focus: Muscle-building for hardgainers
Male/Female: Male & Female (different program) versions available
Price: male: $77  Female: $47
Trial offer:  $9.95 trial offer

#4 Athlean-X

See “my personal take” on Athlean-X above this table.

Focus: Lean, athletic body
Male/Female: Male & female versions available
Price: $97
Trial offer: No

#5 Truth About Abs

I included Truth About Abs by Mike Geary because it has more of an emphasis on fat loss, in addition to building muscle. In fact, it’s the #1 selling fat loss/muscle building program online today (according to It is not as intense of a muscle-building program as the top 3, but it is perfect for those who do not have a lot of time, want to work out at home, and need to lose weight.

Focus: Fat loss and muscle building
Male/Female: Male and female versions available
Price: $40
Trial offer: $4.95 trial available. Have to view the website, and then click away to have it offered.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.