Declutter Fast Review

Don’t Waste Your Hard-Earned Money…Or Is Declutter Fast Worth Every Penny?

Declutter Fast

Product: Declutter Fast Ebook
Author:Mimi Tanner
Theme: How to declutter your house and distress your life using simple and practical methods
Cost: $19.99

Rating: ★★★½

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My Quick Intro to Declutter Fast: The truth is, Declutter Fast is a terrific product by a decluttering expert.  I’ve personally purchased and used the book, as well as had several conversations with the author, Mimi Tanner.  She is a wonderful person and a great author who know what she’s talking about.

But…Declutter Fast won’t be worth a red cent unless you are willing to put forth some effort and follow Mimi’s techniques she laid out in the guide.  It will take some work on your part, but trust me, the results are amazing and are so worth every minute you spend decluttering! (which, if you use the methods Mimi describes, won’t be very many minutes!  The title of the book doesn’t lie, you learn how transform your house seriously FAST!)  Using Declutter Fast, you will make your home clutter-free and organized, which in turn will eliminate a lot of stress from your life and makes you a happier person.

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WHAT I LIKED: Declutter Fast is a quality buy, that delivered on what it promised.  Here is what stood out to me while reviewing it.

  • The decluttering techniques are simple to implement and effective.  There are techniques for everything from decluttering your house or papers to stopping procrastination.
  • Learning the 17 essentials you must have a place for in your home.
  • The FREE declutting tips that are delivered to your email.  You can get those without even buying the book.
  • The FREE bonus book, by Joe Vitale, that comes with Declutter Fast.  It is sold on Amazon, but you get it for free with Declutter Fast.
  • I especially liked the additional chapter on becoming one of those “super-organized, happy people”.
  • I appreciated the money-back guarantee.  I always like to see a merchant who stands behind his or her product.

Example Decluttering methods: decluttering your entire house, how to get rid of paper clutter, declutting your kitchen, finding a place for every item in your house, and how to declutter your house when you have no storage space left.

Declutter Fast is well written, and reads very easy.  It is a 72 page ebook, but we found ourselves breezing through it in no time.  The decluttering methods are effective and can be implemented immediately for results.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: Overall, there wasn’t anything to really complain about with this book.  It read well, and contains effective methods to declutter fast, can’t complain about that!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Declutter Fast delivers what it promises – simple and effective techniques you can implement immediately to get your house decluttered.  And the free bonuses that come with it make it a fun buy.  If your cluttered home, office or life is stressing you out, this book is worth reading.  Besides the decluttering methods, we found the section on organizing your daily life very insightful and practical.

Declutter Fast gets two thumbs up from us!

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Reviewed by:
Zach Angelo

Reviewed on: 1/25/2010