The Magic of Making Up Review

Is T.W. Jackson’s, Magic of Making Up, Worth Your Cash?

Product: Magic of Making Up

Author: T.W. Jackson

Theme: How to get back together with your ex after a break-up

Cost: $39.00

Guarantee: 60-day full money-back guarantee

Reviewed by: Zach Angelo

Rating: ★★★★☆

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My Magic of Making Up Review

Breakups suck, absolutely suck.  No way around it.  Looking back, I remember a few incredibly painful break-ups like they were yesterday.  The physical pain, tears, anger, bitterness, embarrassment….ughh!

What makes break-ups even worse is when you really truly still want to be with your ex, but they just aren’t feeling the same way.  It’s one thing to be broken up with and try to move on, but to broken up with and still want your ex back in your arms weeks, months, even years later is unbearable!

That is the kind of heart-wrenching situation that Magic of Making Up was designed for.  Magic of Making Up is for those who are desperate to get their ex back, and don’t want to mess up their chances of achieving that!

So, when I came across this ebook, I was extremely interested in it.  It claimed to give one clear, practical, step-by-step directions to get back together with an ex.  If Magic of Making Up did what it claimed, then it would be worth 100x its measly $40 pricetag!

Following is an in-depth review of Magic of Making Up, and my personal thoughts on whether it’s any good.  I’ve purchased the book for myself and combed through its 62 pages many times.  Hope this helps!

What I DID NOT Find Inside Magic of Making Up

Inside Magic of Making Up there are no “sure-things”, no “magic” tricks, and certainly no guarantees.  That being said, Magic of Making Up gives a boatload of terrific, practical help for someone who is desperate to reunite with his or her ex.

Some of the Main Points Covered in Magic of Making Up

-Understanding why your relationship ended

-How to keep from panicking, getting yourself in a good place

-The “fast forward technique” for overcoming your current pain and anxiety

-Getting yourself healthy, mentally and physically

-How to make yourself irresistible to your ex

-What to do if you ex is dating others

-Reconnecting with your ex

-How to handle the first tense “date” with your ex

-Great “secrets” tips, like using the “instant reconnect technique”

What I Liked About Magic of Making Up

#1 Whole Package – T. Dub Jackson (who is a terrific writer, I’ve always liked his laid-back, conversational writing style), takes the reader through the entire healing and reuniting process, one step at a time.  Every detail is covered.  This book really is the complete package for getting back together with an ex.

#2 Step-by-Step Approach – In Magic, Jackson really takes you by the hand and leads you through the whole process, whether that is understanding why your relationship ended (chapter 1), reigniting the sparks of desire and formulating a plan (chapter 4) or how to ease back into your relationship and solidify your love (chapter 6) .  I love this, because it takes the worry and dread that you’re doing something wrong or gonna mess up you chance completely out of the equation.  You just have these simple steps to follow and you can be confident that you’re doing everything right.

#3 Amazing Techniques and Advice – Human psychology plays a big part in T. Dub’s approach to getting back with an ex, and he really knows his stuff!  I was impressed.  Relational psychology was a big part of my college degree, and over and over I kept reading facts in Magic of Making Up that were the same things I had heard over and over again from my psychology professors!

The tips, tricks and techniques in Magic of Making Up are as close to fool-proof as you’ll find.  There are too many to go over now, but one of my favorites was the Instant Reconnect Technique, which is subtle trick that is perfect for that first tense “date” with your old boyfriend or girlfriend.

#4 Guarantee – I like that T. Dub gives you 60 days to try out the book, and if you end up not using it or just don’t like it, you can return and get every cent back.  I liked seeing him stand behind his product like that.

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What I Did Not Like About Magic of Making Up

#1 – Wish it would have had more videos.  T. Dub does a great job of communicating through the book, but I always like when there are videos in a product.  He has a bunch on Youtube, but I wish there were more included with this book.

#2 – Would have liked to see the option for a physical book, instead of just an ebook.  I understand that offering the book in digital form is what makes it possible to keep the price so low, but I always prefer reading a book compared to reading off of my computer, or printing it out and reading.

#3 – Other than the addition of videos and a physical book option, I really couldn’t think of what else I would change about this product.  It gives what it claims – easy, practical and most importantly, EFFECTIVE, strategies to make you irresistible to your ex again!

Magic of Making Up Summary

Magic of Making Up covers every aspect of getting your ex back – starting with getting yourself in a better place, mentally, physically and emotionally.  It then walks you through the whole process of getting your ex interested in you again, making contact with them, going out with them, and making your relationship stronger then it ever was.  In step-by-step fashion, it tells you what you need to do and why.  If you can follow directions, Magic of Making Up will be great for you.

It does require some work and effort on your part, it very well may push you out of your comfort zone!  But if your not prepared to work to get your ex back, then you might as well forget that ever happening.

The Bottom Line on Magic of Making Up

Magic of Making Up delivers on what it promises, walking you through the entire process of getting back with your ex, the RIGHT WAY, which will make your relationship stronger than ever.

If you’re desperate to get back with your ex, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Magic of Making Up.  You really have nothing to lose, and someone very special to gain!! Buy it now!

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Hope my review has helped you get a closer look inside Magic of Making Up and put you at ease about buying it.  I only recommend top quality products here on GetYourReviews, and Magic of Making Up is one of the best!


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